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Benjamin Stone abt 1767 - 1851

Benjamin Stone is thought to have been born around 1767 in Buckenham, Norfolk. He married Elizabeth Symonds on the 30th. October 1788  at St. Gregory's, Barnham, Suffolk. The parish entry of their marriage records them as Benjamin Stone of Honington (Suffolk), and Elizabeth Symonds of Barnham. Their first child was christened at Honington on the 4th January 1789, two months after their marriage. All their children that I have found were born and baptised  in Honington, Suffolk.

In 1841, Benjamin and his wife, both aged 70 on the census, were living at Honington. With them was their granddaughter, Susana Balls, aged 9. Benjamin was recorded as an agricultural worker. Ten years later, and shown to be 83 and 80, they were still living in Honington. Their twenty-two year old grandson, James Balls,  was living with them. Benjamin was a 'pauper agricultural labourer'. 

Very soon after the 1851 census, on the 20th. April 1851, Benjamin died of 'Decay of nature' at his home. His death certificate states that he was an 83 year old labourer. He was buried on the 24th. April 1851 at All Saints, Honington, Suffolk.

Benjamin and Elizabeth's known children:

Elizabeth 1788-1791
William 1790-1873 Marr. Rachel Long 1812 St. Catherine's, Flempton, Suffolk
Robert 1793-1793
John 1795
Frances 1800
Sarah 1806-1870 Marr. Edmund Balls 1826 Honington, Suffolk
James 1809-1893 Marr. Susan Orford 1831 Honington, Suffolk

William Stone 1790- 1873

William was the eldest son of Benjamin Stone and Elizabeth Symonds. He was born in Honington and christened at All Saints on the 24th May 1790.

He married Rachael Long on the 12th October 1812 at St. Catherine's, Flempton, Suffolk. They were both shown to be single and residing in Hengrave. The witnesses were Thomas Partridge and Maria Day. All their children were born in Hengrave and christened at St. Catherine's, Flempton.

In 1841 William, his wife and six of their children were living at Bath House Cottage, Hengrave, Suffolk. He was an agricultural labourer, as were all the other working adults in the household. They were still in Hengrave in 1851 with three of their unmarried children.

By 1861 they had moved to the next village to 'Road, Fornham All Saints, Suffolk. William was  a 70 year old agricultural labourer. Living with him and his wife Rachael, was their married daughter, her husband and four children.

Rachel died in 1862. William was no longer the head of the household in 1871. The position was now held by his son in law and the address was Westley Road, Fornham All Saints . The other occupants were William's daughter  Charlotte King, seven children and William, a widower aged 80,  working as an agricultural labourer.

William died of 'Cardiac Dropsy' in Fornham on the 23rd December 1873. The informant was Jane King, his granddaughter. He was buried at St. Catherine's, Flempton on the 28th. December.

William and Rachael's known children:

John 1813-1899 Marr. Eliza Markwell 1834 Flempton
James 1815-1847 Marr Eleanor Holmes 1835 Flempton
William 1817-aft 1901 Marr (1) Emily Martin 1841 (2) Mary Ann B?
Rachael 1819-1899 Marr John Rayner 1837
Charles 1821-1893 Marr Charlotte Merton 1842
George 1823-1909 Marr Frances Collins 1877
Jane 1825-1826
Henry 1827-1827
David 1828-aft 1901 Marr Louisa Smith 1853
Henry 1831-1915 Marr (1)Susannah Parfrey 1852 (2) Mary Ann Cadge/Warner 1865
Charlotte 1834-1907 Marr Jeremiah King 1852

John Stone 1813 - 1899

John was the eldest child of William Stone and Rachael Long, born 1813 in Hengrave and christened on 30th August 1813 at St. Catherine's, Flempton, Suffolk. On the 8th November 1834 he married Eliza Markwell (Markell in the parish records), a resident of Worlington, at St. Catherine's. For almost all of their married life they lived in Flempton, the next village along the road from Hengrave, Fornham All Saints being the village on the other side of Hengrave.

I have wondered if my Stone family, who all appeared to be agricultural labourers, worked on land belonging to Hengrave Hall. I visited this beautiful building a few years ago, thinking I would be able to see the small chapel in the grounds. The Hall is now used as a retreat for troubled people. One of the ladies in charge approached us and asked if she could help. It was at this point that I realised we were trespassing, but not a word of reproach was spoken. Instead, she invited us to look inside the entrance hallway of the Hall and pointed us in the direction of the chapel. The lady was in fact a nun helping to run the retreat. 

All of John and Eliza's surviving sons moved to Salford and the Manchester area some time in the 1870s and one of their daughters moved to London. 

Eliza died in 1884 and John died on the 20th February 1899 of heart disease at his home in Flempton, aged 85.  The informant was his son John who lived in Salford, Lancashire, on the same street where I lived fifty years later.  Was it a co-incidence that he died when his son was visiting? The journey from Salford in Lancashire to Suffolk would have taken many hours and cost a great deal in 1899. John was buried at St. Catherine's in Flempton on the 23rd February 1899. His burial record says that he was 89 years old. John was most likely 85.

John and Eliza's known children:

Emma 1836
Harriet 1838- aft 1901 Marr Daniel Garwood
Charlotte 1840 -aft 1901 Marr Ishmael Davey 1861 Old Church St. Pancras, London
Emily Ann 1843 -aft 1901 Unmarried
Mary 1845
George 1847-1850
John 1849 -aft 1901 Marr Eliza (Whitton?) in Suffolk?
George 1851 -aft 1901 Marr Fanny Doughty 1875 Manchester
James 1853-1853
Henry 1854-1894 Marr Elizabeth Griffiths 1875 Manchester Cathedral
William 1856-1856

Henry Stone 1854 - 1894

Henry was the youngest of John Stone and Eliza Markwell's surviving children. He was born on the 14th October 1854 at Flempton and christened privately three weeks later, on the 7th November, at his home and not in church. This implies that his death was expected to be imminent. Luckily he survived and I am here to tell the tale.

In 1861 he was living with his parents and siblings in Flempton and was still there in 1871 working as an agricultural labourer, aged 16. Between 1871 and 1875 he moved from Suffolk to Salford in Lancashire. 

Many of my ancestors moved to the Lancashire smoke in the mid nineteenth century. Agricultural jobs were badly paid and becoming harder to find. The new industries offered better pay and more work. They also offered shorter lives.

On May 30th 1875 he married Elizabeth Griffiths at Manchester Cathedral. Henry's occupation was 'Carter' and they both gave their residence as 7 Clarence St., Salford. The witnesses were James Rowland Lee and Esther Lee, whose relationship is not known. For anybody who is interested, I did spot James and Esther's grave in Weast Cemetery, Salford on one on my hunting visits.

Henry and Lizzie produced at least nine children, all christened at St. Bartholomew's, Salford, and remained in the Salford area, mostly Ordsall, until Henry's early death on 13th November 1894 at Salford Royal Hospital. He died aged 40 of 'Pneumonia 7 days. Asphyxia'. I don't quite know what to make of that. The informant on the death certificate and present at his death was his brother George of 5 Prospect Place, Eccles. Henry's address was 3 Clifton Street, Salford. His occupation was 'Shop Porter', which appears on many of his children's baptism records - sometimes warehouseman and sometimes labourer. Ale and wine stores are often mentioned.

Henry and Elizabeth's (Lizzie's) known children:

Elizabeth Ann 1876
Arthur John 1877 Marr Hannah Jones 1903 St. Bartholomew's, Salford
Albert Henry 1880-1886
Lily Agnes 1881-1944 Marr Henry Bowers 1904 St. Bartholomew's, Salford
Mabel  1883 Marr Fred G Pickering 1910 St. Bartholomew's, Salford
Francis Ernest 1885 Marr Elizabeth Short 1912 St. Bartholomew's, Salford
Albert Edwin 1887-abt 1967
William Henry 1889
Florence 1891-1892

Lily Agnes Stone 1881 - 1944

Lily Agnes Stone, daughter of Henry Stone and Elizabeth Griffiths, was born on the 25th November 1881 at Eldon Street and christened on the 25th December of the same year at St. Bartholomew's, Salford.

Her father died in 1894, and I think there is a strong possibility that her mother may have died before 1901. I think Lily may have been living in Manor Street, Manchester with her sister as lodgers in 1901 and working as a packer but I cannot be sure. 

On the 30th July 1904 when she married Henry Bowers at St. Bartholomew's in Salford she gave her address as 221 Ordsall Lane, Salford and her occupation as domestic servant. The witnesses were John Hampel and May Stone (Lily's sister Mabel).

Henry and Lily had seven known children and spent most of their married life in Tatton Place, Salford. Henry died in 1929. The house suffered damage during the Salford Blitz and Lily went to live with her daughter Nellie. Lily died on the 26th December 1944 of 'Bronchial Carcinoma' at her daughter Nellie's home at 6 Aldred Street, Salford, aged 63. She is buried at Weast Cemetery, Salford.


William Symonds/Simonds abt 1710

There is a wide variety of spellings of the Symonds name - Simonds, Simons, Simmonds, Simmons, etc. When William  married Sarah Evered on the 25th December 1733 at St. Gregory's, Barnham, Suffolk, the name was spelt in the registers as Simonds. The baptisms of  four of their children at St. Gregory's  were also in the name Simonds. They were:
William Simonds 19th Feb 1734 Buried 25th Feb 1734
William Simonds 2nd Apr 1736
John Simonds 17th August 1740
Sarah Simonds 9th Jane 1742

William Symonds 1736 - 1824

William was born to William Simonds and Sarah Evered in 1736 and baptised on the 2nd April 1736 at St. Gregory's, Barnham, Suffolk. He married Frances Whiting on the 24th October 1768 at the same church. His name was spelt Symonds in the register.

So far, I have only found four children born to them.
John 1769. Buried a couple of weeks later
Elizabeth 1770. Married Benjamin Stone in 1788
William 1774. Married Elizabeth Gould in 1800
John baptised 1778. Married Sarah Stubbins

William died on the 19th May 1824 and Frances on the 6th April 1834. They were both buried at Barnham, Suffolk. The inscription on their gravestone reads:
Frances  ..?... of William Symonds 6th April 1834 aged 90. William Symonds 19th May 1824 aged 82

Elizabeth Symonds 1770 - 1866

Elizabeth was born to William Symonds and Frances Whiting  and was baptised at St. Gregory's, Barnham, Suffolk on the 30th September 1770. She married Benjamin Stone on the 30th October 1788 at the same church. She and Benjamin had seven known children.

In the 1851 census, aged 83 and 80, they were living in Honington, Suffolk. With them was a grandson, James Balls. Benjamin's occupation was 'Pauper ag. lab.' Benjamin died very soon after the census, and in 1861 Elizabeth was living with her daughter and son in law, Edmund and Sarah Balls in Bradmere, Honington. I think that Elizabeth had lost count of her age by this time as she was shown to be 94 although she would have been 91/92. 

She died on the 27th June 1866 of 'Decay of Nature' in Honington. Her death certificate states that she was the widow of Benjamin Stone, labourer, and was 99 years old. The informant was Ann Fuller, who was present at her death. Ann Fuller's connection to Elizabeth is not known. Elizabeth's age at death was more likely 96. She is buried at All Saints, Honington, Suffolk.


John Whiting abt 1710

I have not found John Whiting's marriage to Elizabeth. Their children's baptisms begin in 1731 in Barnham, Suffolk. Elizabeth was buried at St. Gregory's on the 13th February 1768. 

John may have married again a few months after his wife's death. On the 2nd August 1768 a John Whiting (wid) married Alice Jackson in Barnham. I have not found any children born to this couple. It could, however, have been his son John who married Alice Jackson

The burial of a John Whiten at Barnham  on the 2nd March 1790 could have been either John or his son John.

John and Elizabeth's known children:

Elizabeth 1731-1768 Unmarried
John 1734
Ambrose 1737-1824 Marr (1)Ann Woodward (2)Lydia Birdwell (3)Mary Mason
Mary 1740-1784 Unmarried
Daniel 1744
Frances 1745-1834 Marr William Symonds 1768
Sarah 1748-1748

Frances Whiting abt 1745 - 1834

Frances was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Whiting. She was baptised at Barnham on the 8th May 1748, the same day as her  sister Sarah who died six months later. She married William Symonds on the 24th October 1768 at St. Gregory's. I have only found four children born to them. Frances died on the 6th April 1834 and is buried in Barnham. The inscription on her gravestone reads:
Frances  ..?... of William Symonds 6th April 1834 aged 90. William Symonds 19th May 1824 aged 82


Robert Long abt 1747 - 1830

Robert Long, the son of James and Elizabeth Long,  was christened at Great Barton, Suffolk on 22nd June 1747. 

He married Susannah Peake at St. Catherine's, Flempton on the 10th October 1772. The witnesses were Joseph Cockridge and Francis Hammond.

Susannah's parents were William and Su(sanah) Peak. She was also christened at Great Barton, on the 12th December 1748. (My thanks to Geoff Fletcher, a fellow researcher, who passed Robert's  and Susannah's parentage on to me ).

Susannah was buried on the 7th January 1829, aged 80, at St. Catherine's, Flempton, and Robert was buried on the 9th November 1830, aged 84.

Robert and Susannah's known children:

Sarah 1773-1773
William 1775-1859 Marr Susannah Palmer 1798 Flempton
Martha 1777-1840 Marr Robert Parish 1798 Flempton
Susannah 1779
Robert 1786-1868 Marr Mary Lock 1806 Flempton
Charlotte 1789 Marr Thomas Coe 1810 Flempton
Rachael 1791-1862 Marr William Stone 1812 Flempton

Rachael Long 1791 - 1862

Rachael Long was born to Robert Long and Susannah Peake on the 15th August 1791 and was baptised  on the 18th September 1791 at St. Catherine's, Flempton.

On the 12th October 1812 she married William Stone at Flempton. Both were shown to be residents of Hengrave. The witnesses were Thomas Partridge and Maria Day. I know of eleven children born to them.

In 1841 they were living at Bath House Cottage, Hengrave and were also there in 1851, though perhaps not at the same cottage. Between 1851 and 1861 they moved to the next village of Fornham All Saints.

Rachael died of 'Cirrhosis of Liver' on the 21st April 1862 at Fornham. A few years ago I visited Fornham and had lunch in the old pub situated on the corner of the main thoroughfare of the village, opposite the church. I gazed at the bar and the  old interior, wondering if this was where Rachael had acquired her beloved tipple that brought about her death. Or maybe it was cheap home-distilled gin that did it?

The death certificate shows that she was aged 70 and the wife of William Stone, farm labourer. The informant, and present at death, was Frances Palfrey, whose connection is not known. Rachael is buried at St. Catherine's, Flempton, Suffolk.


Thomas Markwell 1714 - 1766

Thomas Markwell was born about 1714 and married Sarah about 1738. They had six known children christened at Fornham All Saints, Suffolk

Sarah died on the 22nd August 1760, aged 42, and Thomas on the 13th September 1766, aged 52. They were buried at Fornham All Saints.

Thomas and Sarah's known children:

Thomas 1739-1762 Died aged 23
John 1743-1802 Marr Mary Hanton 1770 Fornham All Saints
Sarah 1749-1760 Died aged 11
William 1753 Marr Mary?
Joseph 1755
Richard abt 1754-1764 Died a youth

John Markwell 1743 - 1802

John Markwell, the son of Thomas and Sarah Markwell, was christened on the 26th February 1743 at Fornham All Saints, Suffolk. He married Mary Hanton on the 15th March 1770 at Fornham. They produced nine known children, although it would appear that only two, or possibly three, survived, five dying soon after birth and another before he was two. John was buried on the 16th June, 1802 at All Saints, Fornham.

John and Sarah's known children:

Mary Hanton 1771-1772
John 1772-1773
John 1773-1852 Marr Susan Betts 1814 Fornham
Thomas 1774 Marr Elizabeth Purkis about 1804
Mary 1775-1775
Joseph 1777
Francis Hanton 1778-1778
Son (Zachariah?) 1779-1781
George 1882-1882

Thomas Markwell 1774 

Thomas Markwell was christened on the 18th. September 1774 at Fornham All Saints, Suffolk. His parents were John Markwell and Mary Hanton. It is assumed he married Elizabeth Purkis about 1804 as the first child recorded in the parish records was in 1805. They had nine known children all christened at Fornham. His wife was living in Fornham All Saints in 1841 and had an elderly female lodger living with her. In 1851 she was shown to be a widow and living with her son. It would appear then that Thomas died some time before June 1841.

Thomas and Elizabeth's known children:

Thomas 1805- aft 1851 Thomas was still alive and unmarried in 1851
Mary 1808
George 1810- bef 1823
Eliza 1812-1884 Married John Stone in 1834
Ann 1814 Possibly had an illegitimate daughter Emely Ann in 1834
Susan 1818 Still alive in 1841 in Bury St. Edmunds
Elias 1819
Maria 1820 Still alive and unmarried in 1851. May have married William Rayner
George 1823-1853 Married Mary Ann Hazlewood 1850. 

Eliza Markwell 1812 - 1884

Eliza Markwell was christened the daughter of  Thomas and Elizabeth Markwell on the 25th October 1812 at Fornham All Saints. She married John Stone on the 8th November 1834 at St. Catherine's, Flempton.They had at least eleven children. In the five censuses between 1841 and 1881 they were living in Flempton, Suffolk, which is where Eliza died on the 8th July 1884 of 'Disease of the heart'. The death certificate shows her to be the wife of John Stone, farm labourer, and aged 74. The informant was her son-in-law, Daniel Garwood, her daughter Harriet's husband. Eliza is buried at St. Catherine's, Flempton.


Francis Hanton abt 1715

Francis Hanton married Mary Sturgeon on the 28th December 1741 at Fornham All Saints. Mary was the daughter of Robert Sturgeon and was baptised on the 21st July 1716 at Fornham. Francis and Mary had at least five children christened at Fornham. 
Mary 1743 Married John Markwell 1770
Francis 1744 - 1750
Joseph 1747
Ann 1749
Francis 1751


David Griffiths abt 1785

David Griffiths was a farm labourer. Although I have not found David's marriage, I firmly believe that he married a widow named Mary Morgan (former name not known). 

David was probably born in the Camrose/Prendergast district of Pembrokeshire, South Wales. His spouse, Mary, was from Camrose. I have found four children born to them:
Ann 1810 Christened in Camrose
Thomas abt 1817 Christened in Prendergast in 1819
George abt 1818 Christened in Prendergast in 1819
Dorothy abt 1819-1819 Christened in Prendergast in 1819

He was not at home with his wife on the 1841 census night, and on the 1851 census Mary was a widow. I am assuming that David died before June 1841. A likely candidate is the David Griffiths who was buried in Prendergast on the 16th December 1827, aged 41.

There were two David Griffiths' in the Prendergast area of a similar age and having a wife named Mary during the same period. One of them had a son William christened at Camrose in 1813 but I think this could possibly have been the other David and Mary as their address was given as Woolfsdale. In the Tithe map of Camrose in 1840, a David Griffiths was listed as the tenant of South Hill Ford, Wolfsdale, when, in my opinion, my David Griffiths was dead.

Thomas Griffiths abt 1817 - 1855

Thomas was the son of David Griffiths and Mary (Morgan), christened at St. David's, Prendergast on the 22nd October 1819, on the same day as his brother George. I think Thomas was possibly two years old when he was christened. According to the registers the family were living in 'the back lane of Prendergast village'.

Thomas's occupation was a cordwainer (shoe maker). He married Elizabeth Jones on the 21st January 1840 at Prendergast church. The witnesses were John Jones and Thomas Vaughan, Dept. Sup.

Thomas and Elizabeth had at least nine children. In 1841 and 1851 they were living in Prendergast. The more specific address of Main Street was given in 1851.

On the 26th September 1855 Thomas died of 'Abscess in the Axilla. 3 weeks. Gangrene. Certified', at the age of 37. The axilla is the armpit. The youngest of his nine children was a few months old, and the eldest, just fifteen. The informant on the death certificate, who was said to be in attendance at his death in Prendergast, was a Martha Morgan. Thomas was buried at St. David's on the 30th September.

Martha Morgan provided the clue I needed to identify Thomas's mother. Martha was, in fact, Thomas's half-sister.

Thomas and Elizabeth's children:

Phoebe 1840 May have married Henry Evans in 1867
William 1842 Married Ann?
Mary 1843
Sarah 1844
John 1846
Jane 1848
Elizabeth 1850 Marr Henry Stone 1875 Manchester Cathedral
Martha 1852 Marr James Mason 1878 St. Bartholomew's Salford
Lydia 1855 Marr James Banner

Elizabeth Griffiths 1850

Elizabeth (Lizzie) was born in Prendergast, Pembrokeshire, South Wales, on the 10th May 1850 to Thomas Griffiths and Elizabeth Jones. She was baptized, aged 2, on the 14th October 1852.

In 1851, aged 10 months, she was living on Main St., Prendergast with her parents and siblings. She may have been the Elizabeth Griffiths, aged 21, working as a domestic servant in St. Mary's in 1871.

She married Henry Stone on the 30th May 1875 at Manchester Cathedral and gave her address as 7 Clarence Street, Salford. They had at least nine children, all christened at St. Bartholomew's, Salford.

Elizabeth's last known child was born in October 1891 at Darley St., Salford. Her husband Henry died in 1894. The informant on his death certificate was his brother, and not Elizabeth. I haven't been able to locate Elizabeth in the 1901 census and her children seem to be scattered or missing. The only child I have found with any certainty in 1901, her youngest surviving son, William, was living with her sister Martha in Whitefield. I am tempted to believe that Lizzie died between 1891 and 1901 but I cannot find the death of an Elizabeth Stone between those years who would fit apart from one in Oldham in 1900, and I don't think this is her. So if anybody out there has information on the Elizabeth Stone who died in Oldham in 1900 please get in touch.


John Jones abt 1785

John Jones was born in Pembrokeshire about 1785. His spouse, Phoebe, was born about 1790. They had at least eight children, all baptised in Prendergast, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The 1841 census shows him living in Prendergast with his wife and four of his children. His age was given as 55 and his occupation as a 'glover'. 

It will come as no great surprise that I haven't had much luck in pinning down the Jones's after that, although I do know that Phoebe was buried on May 1st 1860 at Prendergast, aged 69.

John and Phoebe's known children:

Elizabeth 1815-1817
William 1816
Elizabeth 1818 Married Thomas Griffiths 1840 Prendergast
Sarah 1820-1821
Thomas 1822-1842
John 1824
Mary 1828 Possibly married William Thomas
Jane 1832

Elizabeth Jones 1818

Elizabeth Jones, christened on the 12th February 1818 at Prendergast, was the daughter of John and Phoebe Jones of Prendergast village.

She married Thomas Griffiths, a cordwainer,  on the 21st. January 1840 at Prendergast They had at least nine children whom she was left to bring up alone as a widow in 1855 when Thomas died. My last sighting of Elizabeth was in 1881 when she and her granddaughter were living as lodgers at Prendergast West Side with a Stephens family. I have not found her death.

Mary (Morgan) abt 1776

Mary was born in Camrose, Pembrokeshire, South Wales about 1776. Unfortunately I do not know her maiden name. She married James Morgan in the mid to late 1790s and had at least two children by him - Martha 1799 and John 1801 - both christened in Camrose.

The Camrose parish records shows the deaths of two James Morgans in January 1802, eight days apart. 

Some time between 1802 and 1810 Mary married David Griffiths. She had their first child in Camrose and then moved to Prendergast, where she had at least another three.

In 1841 she was living in Prendergast with two of her unmarried Griffiths children and was a 65 year old Baker. In 1851 she was on Main Street, Prendergast and still working as a baker. With her was her son George Griffiths, his wife and child, a Martha Morgan, shown as her unmarried daughter of 50, and an Elizabeth Morgan, her granddaughter aged 15. 

In 1861, aged 84, she was at Deacon's Row, Prendergast with her daughter, referred to as Martha Griffiths, aged 58. This was probably an error and should have said Martha Morgan.

Several Mary Griffiths' died in the Haverfordwest Registration District between 1861 and 1871. As ages at death were not given until 1866 I have no idea which one was my Mary Griffiths.

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